Vengeance Is Mine CD
  • Vengeance Is Mine CD
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Q-Unique's critically acclaimed solo debut, considered by fans a classic.. With guest features by: ILL BILL, Goretex, DJ Eclipse, Swel, E Dot and Necro. Production on this 50 minute album is an all-star selection of East coast beatmakers. JuJu from the Beatnuts laces "Diamond in the Ruff" and "Me, That's Who." Necro is on point with "The Set Up," "The Ugly Place," "Canarsie Artie's Revenge" and "Father's Day" among others. Phase One handles "H to the C", Context blesses "One Shot," S Groove shines on "Nature of the Beast" and Q-Unique handles most of the rest of his album. Basically speaking, this is a high quality audio venture from start to finish. With so many sharp tracks, Q-Unique becomes the difference maker on turning songs from warm to blazing hot.

Featuring: Ill Bill, Goretex, DJ Eclipse, Necro, Swel 79 and E Dot. Production by: Necro, Ju Ju of the Beatnuts, Q-Unique, Context, Phase 1 and S. Groove of i3

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