The Mechanic: CD
  • The Mechanic: CD
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Featuring: ILL BILL, DJ Eclipse & Nems

Produced by: Ayatollah, Sicknature, Stu Bangas, Skammadix, T Cheep, Lecs Beats, Illinformed Beats, DJ Matvey and Q-Unique

Arsonists alumni Q-Unique can always be counted on to bring through the amped-up mic skills. The Brooklyn MC’s fourth solo project starts with the booming “Look Up In The Sky,” where he bigs up his rap-rock connections—“I’m tatted up and I’m on the road with Korn”—before signing off in superhero terms: “Capital Q, Brooklyn, look up in the sky!” The energy and intensity continue via a couple of collaborations with Ill Bill—the eerie “No Country For Old Men” and the dramatic, string-powered “Cult Leader & Capital”—along with the discordant modern borough shoutout “Brooklyn Stomp.” -Phillip Mlynar

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